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SOLD Demeyere (Kitchenaid) 5qt Saute Pan (2mm Copper inside) w/ Lid (New)

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Jul 12, 2011
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I have a few brand new Demeyere (Kitchenaid) 5qt Saute Pan w/ Lid (New). These were made by Demeyere for Kitchenaid 7-8 years ago. Pan is heavy, w/ lid it's about 8.5lbs and it's a pretty special pan in itself. I think, outside pure copper, it's likely the best SS pan one can get in this size/shape. The pan is 7 ply and it has a thicker bottom disc where you have 2mm of copper (I believe thickest all-clad only has 0,9mm max).

I only have been using mine for the last 6 month and it works very nicely. I use it in similar fashion to my demeyere Atlantis 12.6' just this allows to create a complete meal (it's deeper) and finish in oven.

I am asking $200 per pan. Price includes shipping in CONUSA and paypal. Pictures are not that great, I just came back from being away for a while, so if you need better or specific ones, please ask

other things I am selling can be found here


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