Glueing together stones with adhesive?

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The idea that it's a not a real skill seems unusual. @stringer and others do it routinely in videos. Pretty much all use of a steel is exactly this.

I am not that good at it, but I think I can do it for about 150mm of edge.
Far from me to say it's no real skill. On the contrary. Only noticed, with edge trailing on larger knives, say 240mm and larger, using the entire surface is far from simple, as the angle tends to get lower the further you're getting from the initial position. Reason to suggest checking with a marker and a loupe, as the OP is looking for very large stones, both in length as in width.
I'm a bit sceptical regarding the possibility to hold an exact angle with long sweeping strokes. Checking with sharpie and loupe is likely to give disconcerting results.

Are you talking long strokes in one section of the blade, or long heel to tip sweeping strokes? The latter is what I have to do to keep the angle precise.
I had long edge trailing sweeping strokes in mind. Didn't notice the same when edge leading, strangely.
Edge trailing moves the scratch pattern further up the bevel. I can clearly see it on straight razors, even the very stiff ones with no flex and of course the angle is held exactly the same. It even shows this with hard stones that don't slurry.
@cotedupy ? Seems like something @stringer might do, as well. And @M1k3

Sorry - late to see this, but fwiw...

I have done this before yep, and it can work quite happily. My recommendation would be along the lines of what @M1k3 said...

I’d glue the stones together with a small amont of superglue and then epoxy them onto a base. You could do it other ways, but that’s what I’d do.