Have you ever seen a blade this long?

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Jul 22, 2017
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SW Floriduh
This old slicer blade measures in at a full 20 inches!
unnumbered 21 inch blade!!!!.jpg

It's an old Henckels. Probably from pre-1934.
Here's an image from a Henx catalog that came with a note dated Nov. '33.
catalog page B1 large.jpg

I suspect the above knife is missing the pewter bolster that was once in place between the handle and the heel.
Surprised that sold for that much considering its only a 12" cleaver that someone put a longer handle on. I have a 14" bladed hog splitter.
Surprised that sold for that much
Me too. Not to mention it had only half a handle.
It was advertised as "1890s Foster Brothers Hog Splitter. Made for the St Louis Butcher Supply Co." I've heard of Foster Bros but don't know much about them. Did a quick ebay search and found a few of their cleavers are collectible/sell for triple digits.