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Apr 3, 2022
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I used to be on this forum many years ago. Completely lost/forgot my credentials so I'm starting over but really for one specific reason. I'm deep into my 70s now and don't even cook that much these days. I happen to have 2 very nice (new) knives left over from the good old days and plan to offer them here, to people who will truly appreciate/covet them.

I realize it's not cool to just walk in and start selling stuff so I purchased an annual subscription to say thanks in advance for the privilege. I have enjoyed reading the posts and wish all the very best.

Jim aka LushLife
Hi, Jim. Where in VA are you?
Hi David - Am in Loudoun, pretty near to you...
Hey Virginians. I grew up in Broad Run <between Manassas and Warrenton> and spent a couple decades working and living in Fairfax until my wife and I picked up and moved from Annandale in 2005. :)
Still have a lot of peeps down there...
I lived in Fairfax County for 40 years. Five years ago I moved 25 miles west and it feels almost like a different country. Love it...