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Lotus root knife is a birdsbeak. Didn't know this shape existed lol

Bahco 625 and round scraper 625 round are actually able to scrape hardened steel for ura work.

Synth stones made into fingerstones are good for reproducing vertical scratch marks. 400 or 320 grit. Stone chisel on all four sides then deeper and deeper to fracture it neatly stone mason style. . . Still need to test that out. I was using worn thinner synth stones to make finger stones.

Edit: carbide still seems kinda slow on steel though . . . So maybe convex stones would be better still

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is a tour of a carpenters tool fair in Miki; includes a very short but informative explanation of saw steel tempering and geometry.

@13.35 is a shot of a kanna blade with a hole in it. If I remember rightly this was made by the smith who I posted a film about - Making a Funahiro kanna blade - here, a while back. Made from old railroad track. bridge girder iron.
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is a tour of a carpenters tool fair in Miki; includes a very short but informative explanation of saw steel tempering and geometry.

Loved the line from one of the guys doing competition kanna, "it's a very nice blade, but I have to become better to live up to its quality".
Very humble
Yep, could be a layer of copper/brass added during forging for extra protection, and/or to help the soft and hard steel to bond.
thats a damn hard file, the saws that are sharpened by that style of file aren't that hard are they ?
I thought regular readers of this column would be interested to see this fine piece of kamisori smithing:


Japanese razor (Kamisori) by Amano YujiYuji Amano is a smith who learnt his trade of cutler while apprenticed to Keiichiro Tsutsui, a master blacksmith from Tosa on the island of Shikoku, who specialized in forestry tools. Today Yuji Amano has his own workshop where he forges razor blades and other tools. He belongs to a younger generation of Japanese artisans and keeps up a forging tradition that in a highly modernised country like Japan is under constant threat because of the lack of new recruits entering the trade. He sells his razors under the TAKAMI brand: look for the Kanji symbol representing a letter of his name (天) and the Kanji symbol for water (水), because his blades are quenched with water during forging.
The blade of this beautifully fashioned Kamisori is made from white paper steel no. 1, forge-welded with a soft iron handle. The blade is polished to a high gloss, the handle has a black forged finish.
Total length 160 mm
Blade length 52 mm
Handle cross section 10 x 3 mm
Hardness 61 to 63 HRC

is a short film from my increasingly favourite porn channel. In this episode the main character does not seem all that happy with the result, somewhat hesitant from the start.
Sporadic auto translate gives some interesting insights and there is a short masterclass in flattering a - albeit very small - single bevel knife.
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