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SOLD Kagekiyo Blue #1 Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm

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Aug 25, 2020
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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Kagekiyo Blue #1 kiritsuke gyuto 210mm

Height: 40 mm

Edge: 200mm

Weight: 113 grams

Steel: Blue 1, iron clad

Handle: Wa with black and dark brown urushi (traditional japanese lacquering)

Hrc: 63

F&F shows great attention to detail w/ beautifully eased spine and choil, very thin BTE

Comes with black urushi (traditional japanese lacquering) saya and box.

Asking $465 $440, CONUS, international DM please





edit, 3/27/2022, better choil shot...
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more info:

I am the original owner, I ordered on Fri, Mar 26, 2021, now I feel kind of rude ditching it before we hit our one year anniversary! :oops:
It has been used gingerly, never sharpened on stones, may have hit a leather strop a couple times. The main reason being is that I have a lot of gyutos and as nice as this is, I don't seem to reach for it too much, although it is quite a monster shallot slayer. It did have a couple marks up on one side near where you would pinch grip it, I took them through a progression of sandpaper from 1500 -7000 grit and it looks good. You will see on the pics that there is a nice patina forming, I'm not going to do anything with that.
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