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I tried the “old” profile, but wanted that more because of form over function.
So I was kind of curious, if anybody had tried these new ones.
If not, I just ordered one so I’ll be able to give a reasonable feedback soon 😂
2023 Mazaki bangs. Very thick spine, good convex, quite thin behind the edge (much more so than my 2022 migaki) and very aggressive distal taper. Good flatish spot on rear but not too flat. Hard steel, reactive cladding. The 240 has a 5mm neck which brings joy, mine is 226 g with a Kochi handle. Heft and comfort of a workhorse but laser tip and thin BTE to cut like something thinner, my favorite combo.

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You'll be pleased. I just used mine last night with smiles.
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Guys, I have seen this one from @martinhuber in person a few days ago - it is just insane!!!


This one and many others are available here.
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Guys, I have seen this one from @martinhuber in person a few days ago - it is just insane!!!

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Available here.
Wow.. all his blades are beautiful! Is this a renowned blacksmith? I can't read whatever language that is, but I can look up euro to USD conversion 😲😲😲. Wish I had about 5 grand laying around, I'd snag a few of those!
No plans for retirement, but I could die of old age any minute now 🐒.
I'm new here, and new to this incredible art that you make. I just looked at your website and WOW.. Words can't begin to dscribe...Astonishing, exquisite, breathtaking!!! I'm blown away! Some of the handles and bolsters are out of this world. I love the fastening method you use.. maybe a bit difficult to clean down in and along side the nuts/bolts but I really like that. It gives it a look of security and toughness that other blades don't have. I'd describe it as a modern steam punk style. I subscribed and I'm going to start a new savings plan!

I def need a Kamon and a Huber.. preferably a few of each. You both make incredible blades... And you're both in this forum. Im the kind of guy who appreciates that more than the history of Japanese blades... Though if like a few of those too, lol.

So happy I found this forum!
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