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WTB Leather Saya/Sheath

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Jun 6, 2019
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East Bay, CA
Any recs on solid makers? Not sure which knife I want one for, just want to try out a leather saya. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place also, mods feel free to move/remove this if need be.
Just happened across these. Have no clue about the quality or anything...


Right on, the price is right on those ones, not tryna spend a lot

To anyone wondering, I reached out to some of the custom makers (waiting for response) but they're really great looking quality and will prob cost a penny, so we'll see.

A couple more I found browsing:

Then Etsy of course.


Purchased off Etsy
Petty: ChefLeatherWorks
Suji: MasterAtrium


The petty sheath is a little “rustic” in design, not quite as refined but still done well. The sheath is not as stiff but solid enough. The thing I like most is that the maker uses magnets for her sheaths.


Suji sheath is really nice and refined. Clean lines and a stiff material. At first I didn’t know if I’d like the square design but it looks sleek af so I’m a fan. Came with nice packaging too. I gave measurements that matched both my sujis and so they both fit perfect.

Both ran about $50. Both came with rubbing balm. I am happy with both and both makers were easy to communicate with and delivered within a week.

If you’re looking for budget leather sheaths that are functional and still have aesthetics. I’d rec either maker.
New update:

Saw a post on BST from @Ryan Adkins and noticed a beautiful leather saya featured. Long story short, a PM and inquiry led to me receiving these simple, yet beautiful and functional leather sayas 🙌🏻



They’re made from veg tanned leather and are my favorite leather sayas to date. Its dope that it came from one of KKF’s very own too. Ryan is a super cool guy, thanks again to my dude 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Some nice stuff. Do the makers you've tried required the knives or just dimensions.
I had a sheath made for a kiridashi by ChefLeatherWorks from Etsy with some specific requests, and they just needed dimensions and a picture of the knife on a flat surface. Only found them because of this thread, so thanks Byphy for that!