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May 26, 2022
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Hello everybody!
I have been lurking the forums for a while after receiving my first Japanese knife last month. I was gifted a 150mm petty knife from Watanabe. After using it the first time I was hooked. After lurking the forums for a while I decided to purchase the famous Watanabe 180mm nakiri. I am still waiting on it to arrive but I am anxiously anticipating prepping veggies with this new piece of steel.

My current goals are archiving proficiency on wet stones and improving my knife cutting skills. I bought a Sharpton 1000 grit stone and have been practicing on a few old kiwis for the moment, with varying levels of success.

I look forward to learning more, thanks for the great community!

Welcome Spencer and congrats on the GREAT knives! I'm a recent, but devout fan of Shinichi's work.

The sharpening community here is excellent and very helpful and nonjudgmental. Never hesitate to ask questions. The best thing you can ever do in your sharpening journey is to be honest with yourself. That's how you understand and progress.