Norton's: De-oil if new?

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Oct 24, 2020
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So I have decades of experience with Crystolons and Indias but I've always used oil. @cotedupy and @stringer have me playing around with oil on my Arks and it now has me, much to surprise, pondering getting a new India to play with. Now, these stones are already impregnated with oil and in my mind I'd think I'd want to mix it up once in a while to keep the stone oiled and retard clogging when using with water but I also know some of you folks work to get all the oil you can out of them.

Why? Thoughts?
On a rough India I need some pressure to get it cutting. It's hard to control finger pressure on a oily blade.
I don’t really worry too much. Older stones I may give a soak in spirits but that’s more about getting them cleaner than deoiling.
Idk, I went from oil to water, so I always degrease stones and use water soluble glycerin for oilstones. I had 2 India stones sitting for years because in the beginning I was just grabbing stones and ended up not liking the mess in my limited space to sharpen.

At least with those old ones they now feel like they've been coated in motor grease... So sitting in SG...