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Aug 30, 2020
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I'm keen to see everyones nakiris, cleavers, basically anything not super pointy in this thread.

As much as I want to bring back NKW's intro thread as there were some very cool rectangles in that one already, I feel this is probably a more appropriate place for such a thread.

To start I've posted my current nakiris.
- A chonky Watanabe white steel 195mm nakiri that's still an ongoing project.
- Moritaka AS 180mm tall nakiri.
- Northside 26C3 130mm nakiri reborn from a snapped gyuto build.

Welllllllllll…I’m not sure. I asked for a 180x80 for me and 150x70 for him. But they look the same to me. 😳

If you look at the hammer "line" you'll see quite a difference. On the right one it pretty much runs straight out from the bottom of the handle, on the left it is about a handle's width lower. Not sure which is which but I suspect that is a telling sign they are in fact different sizes.
What's the story on the 240 and 215?
What's the story on the 240 and 215?
240 was bought from it’s a little rough around the edges but is a really fun one. Not expensive steel seems pretty good and durable. Lately I use this knife the most at work

215 was bought antique vintage from an eBay seller called happu I think. He Is always selling reclaimed old stuff. Another rough around the edges beater. Solid knife albeit very reactive. Both these knives I rehandled with Anton kudris handles I bought here on the forum.