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Jan 15, 2018
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Canada, eh?
So I recently realized that on one of my much loved knives needs a thinning. Surprisingly the cladding line is getting pretty close to the edge. As well, I've got another knife that needs some work to help improve it's performance.

Now I know many would say "just do it yourself", but sometimes you just have to know when you're not ready to do the job, and I know I'm not in the headspace to do this kind of work.

Tosho currently is listing a pause on their thinning services and while I know the names of a number of pros, they are all US based and I'd prefer to not ship across the border.

So who do we have in Canada that can match the top guys in the US?
If you can get naoto, Francis or Jordan from knifewear to do it, I’d trust them. I see some of Jordan’s restorations/repair posts and they blow me away.

Not sure about the business side of it all but it’s worth an email.
You can try KNIFE Toronto - its located in DT not too far from Kensington Market.
However, I have no clue of their quality of work.

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