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Bought Red Aoto

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Hope you enjoy your new stone. Out of curiosity, what sharpening/polishing characteristics does a red aoto have that other aoto do not?
Here she is!👍
As far as I know and the one I have the red Aotos are actually hideriyama stones from the akapin layer and was a term Maksim from JNS used because the stones were similar in "grit", sharpening feeling, and usage to aotos. The stone you show in the picture looks more like a standard (blue) Aoto🤔
I got a blue one and this one. It looks indeed more purple than red. the picture isnt the best i guess. The blue one, which i got from maxim years ago, feels lots harder and definatly finer than this one. The red one is really muddy. I would rate it somewhere between 1,5k and 3k, where i would rate the blue one 3-5 and my hideriyama is 6-8k. But it is a layer thing i guess.
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