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WTB Ruhlman Spoons

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Jun 7, 2018
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Looking for a set if you have any lying around. Also would be interested in any utensils as well. Seems like his website and email address are no longer in service…cheers!
The bad ass egg spoon has left a hole in the market that I’m surprised nobody has filled. Been searching but can’t find anything like it. Deep bowl, sturdy design, stainless and lots of perforations right to the edge. The kunz and Mercer spoons which seem the closest don’t run perforations to the edge. Best of luck with the search!
They need to do another production run with some design tweaks. I have been meaning to do a spoon video showcasing my gripes with the Ruhlman stuff (which I mostly love, but really could do with another iteration). Mostly, they need to remove the URL branding from their utensils because it's the ****ing ugliest **** I've seen on otherwise nice kitchen stuff.

Also, the edges are sharp and the handles lack refinement. The Kunz spoon is so much nicer to touch than the Ruhlman. Ditto for Gestura spoons and classics like the Lady Hamilton. These problems are amplified on the egg spoon (which I like but it's inelegant).

But I wish the OP luck. I really like the Ruhlman stuff and wish I had a few more spoons. Someone lost one of my mid sized spoons so I'm down to two. If they did another production run, I'd totally scoop up some more. Especially with iterative refinements.
Wow. That branding looks like a ****** Photoshopped watermark. I'm not usually prone to removing lasered logos, but I think I might scotch-brite those metal spoons if I had them.
I did lightly enhance the texture to make the awfulness of the branding really pop. Lightly.

It's a shame, because I really like most of their products. They just need to rip that branding off. Have it say "Dalton Ruhlman" embossed in a sexy font stamped on the back like a Kunz spoon. Round the edges. Add some contours to the handle for your thumb.

The small Ruhlman spoons are the most used ones in my kitchen. I have six and would buy more if they were available and I wasn't ****ing broke.

If you're interested in the Ruhlman stuff, I started a thread about it over on eGullet that's worth reading.
For those with multiple sizes of the kunz spoons, does the bowl size change with with the size of the spoon, or just the handle length? Seems my best bet is to buy a perforated kunz and bend it myself, maybe add some extra holes
There are three sizes of Kunz spoons: small, regular, and XL.

The small and regular bowls change size with the size of the spoon. Small spoons have a smaller bowl than the regular.

The singular exception: The XL spoon, however, has a bowl the same size as the regular but a longer handle.

The below photo is a set of regular next to small.


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I find the small normal Kunz spoon to be pretty much useless in the sense that it's basically identical to a normal spoon from my flatware (at least in bowl shape).
Yeah, I agree. The small unperforated is just a nice tablespoon-sized spoon, but I like the small perforated.

I bought the small set when I bought another (backup!) regular set from JB Prince

As a slight aside, did you know that the Kunz spoon sold on Amazon is not the same spoon as a Kunz bought from JB Prince, despite both being sold by JB Prince?

Weird, and I don't understand it, but my Amazon JB Prince Kunz is substantially less well finished than my direct-from-JB ones.
Oh that's weird. I've been meaning to pick up an XL sometime, and will be sure to order directly. The finishing on a good Kunz spoon is excellent. They're like little Rose ladles... brushed handles with a polished bowl, fully rounded edges, and a slightly contoured back that just feels right to the touch.

I have heard it said that the Richmond spoons from CK ToGo are basically identical to Kunz spoons -- like people have spoon bains filled with both of them and can't tell which is which unless they look. I don't know if that's true, but I want to find out.
I agree about the F&F on a good Kunz. My first Kunz was the Amazon one, and I was honestly kind of underwhelmed. "THIS is the spoon with all the hype? Is everyone brainwashed?" It felt cheaply made and cheaply finished and was somehow not a joy to use.

I used a good Kunz and it was a different experience, and that's when I got my first set from JB Prince.

I've looked at the Richmond spoons multiple times but never pulled the trigger. Be very interested in your experience if you get them.