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Mar 11, 2022
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Hey guys!
I'm finally making a gallery post to show you my favorite projects.

Most of these are recent, and I will be updating this post as more knives get finished and photographed. Production has been slow these days.
I will try to include specs (and choil shots) when possible, but unfortunately I haven't taken final measurements of every knife.

First up and most recent:
270mm wrought iron, nickel and 1.2519 core go mai sujihiki.
Macassar Ebony and buffalo horn handle.
40mm heel, 4mm-1.8mm spine taper. Core steel at 64hrc.
Engraved stainless counterweight. 238g.

nickel wrought suji-3.jpgnickel wrought suji-2.jpgnickel wrought suji-4.jpgnickel wrought suji-5.jpgsujichoil.jpg

210mm western style stainless chef.
AEB-L at 63hrc. Bocote and buffalo horn handle.

bocote west chef.jpgbocote west chef-2.jpgbocote west chef-3.jpgbocote west chef-4.jpgbocote west chef-7.jpg
These two were commissioned by a fellow KKF user.

270mm carbon monosteel yanagi.
1.2519, 4mm thick, 62hrc.
Handle in Mutene wood and buffalo horn.

reddit yanagi-5.jpgreddit yanagi.jpgreddit yanagi-2.jpgreddit yanagi-4.jpg

180mm wrought iron san mai nakiri.
1.2519 core and 19th century wrought iron cladding.
Indian Rosewood and buffalo horn handle.

worught iron nakiri.jpgworught iron nakiri-2.jpgworught iron nakiri-3.jpgworught iron nakiri-4.jpgworught iron nakiri-5.jpg
The profile on the Western chef with that dark handle, it looks wicked, a bit evil👍

And the Honyakk, very nice.
They are all great,
but those two /chef's kiss
I just saw your new 240 knife and while I'm not a knife person it's beauty seems like something from an atavistic dream. Very impressive.