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SOLD Wakui 240mm gyuto

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Jan 10, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I'm a newer forum member. I've purchased on BST before, but this is my first WTS post.

I'd like to sell my Wakui 240mm gyuto. I purchased the knife here. I am the second owner as far as I know. I believe this might be from Epic Edge originally.

@tostadas did a really nice job rounding the spine and choil. I found the knife to be very comfy in hand. I used this knife to prep dinners and snacks at home. It is used, but still in very good shape overall. I found it to be a great all-around knife, and if I only had this one I would be very happy with it. I am selling to free up funds so I can try some other knives/makers.

Knife is stainless-clad shirogami 2. Handle is octagonal ho wood with horn ferrule.
240mm on the edge, 48.3mm at the heel
Spine is 3.8mm at the handle, 3.3mm at the heel, 1mm at 1cm from the tip
181.5 g on my scale

Asking $175 shipped CONUS.

Happy to answer any questions or take other photos. Cheers!

IMG_2813 - Copy.jpg

IMG_2814 - Copy.jpg

IMG_2815 - Copy.jpg

IMG_2817 - Copy.jpg

IMG_2812 - Copy.jpg
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Congrats to the new owner. I really hope you like it. This was one of my first gyutos and still to this day one of my favorites. I tried to get my hands back on it but was too slow.