What if you can only have one KU knife

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Apologies in advance but can someone please post a pic of a KU knife so I know what the hell we are talking about, thx
Apologies in advance but can someone please post a pic of a KU knife so I know what the hell we are talking about, thx
This is an interesting question and I’d be very interested to know how the assessment is being made by those tho have experience with this type of knife. What are the evaluation criteria for a good low bevel knife? Apart from all of the usual assessment points for any knife (e.g. fit and finish, heat treatment etc.), what makes one superior or preferable to another. When selecting between low bevel gyutos of the kind described, is special attention paid to bevel flatness (for polishing), or food release, or some other measure that makes one knife of this style better than the next (in the same style)? Or is it that they all inherently have a certain quality, or excel at a certain task, by dint of being low bevel knives (such as food release), and therefore the better ones are those that also excel at [insert something here]?
I love my Munetoshi but don't really see it as a low wide bevel. For that, I love my Moritakas and Takeda NAS. Denka is also great, but the bevel is on the high side.
I really like Bjorn Birgersson's low bevels. Really good pure cutters. If I know you, however, you might find it a little on the delicate side.

For tougher ones, the Nine and Murata, although it's got a slightly higher bevel. Murata is cheaper, tougher, you can tune it to your needs without feeling guilty.

For a good, tough out of the box low bevel cutter, the nine is high up. Yanick cuts a little better but the steel feels a little more brittle. Raquin was pretty good too from the PA knife a while back, but I didn't spend much time with it, and it was a rectangle. What can you really tell from rectangles?
What would that knife be? By KU knife, I’m referring to the popular KU knives the western makers like Yanick make in recent years.
Geez, impossible question, since 90% of my knives are kurouchi, it's akin to asking what's the favorite knife I have. Are you asking about which kurouchi I prefer aesthetically? For me, kurouchi is just a finish, has very little if any impact on performance.
I can't have just one—that's why I collect.