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Engi'nerd, mostly reverse engi'nerding big old industrial equipment. Basically my desk sits in the back of a warehouse under a 20 ton crane that can be used to drop a few tons of steel next to me, and a few weeks after which our manufactures will have production prints. Quite fun I think, but it can get a bit lonely talking to cast iron and the barn owls all week.

Is it me or does this form have a weirdly high population of engineers?
I have done a lot of work. My main profession was as an aerospace engine engineer (until 2012), and now I work as a mobile game programmer. As a side job, I have been investing in carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing for about 10 years now. Last year, I started a new venture, which is selling knives that I make myself.

The games I've been involved with, perhaps most young people have played. PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. I started experimenting with making some simple knives over a decade ago. I've been learning forging for a while now. Last year, the revenue of the bicycle company I invested in began to decline. And I'm also getting older. In a few years, I may not be able to cope with the high-intensity work at Chinese gaming companies.

My friend, unable to bear the high-intensity work at Chinese gaming companies, went to Quebec, Canada. The good news is that his job is much easier there, but the bad news is that his income has halved compared to what it was in China. Canada taxes high-income jobs too heavily.

If I can't continue working at the gaming company, I plan to switch to the knife business. Consider it as retiring and finding something to do.

On a very boring afternoon, I accidentally discovered the KKF website and registered. I plan to start my knife sales work. I want to start with KKF, targeting enthusiasts, to get familiar with it first. Later, I plan to sell knives on more mainstream platforms like TikTok. I've been working in the internet industry for over a decade. If I want to make money, I have to go to large platforms.

On platforms like TikTok, which are full of sensationalism, I will adopt some marketing strategies that KKFers might consider lowbrow. If you see them, please don't laugh at me.

When I sold my first knife on KKF, I was extremely happy and excited. The excitement I felt was like when I received my first million-year-end bonus at the gaming company.

Making and selling knives is truly enjoyable. I'm no longer alone in the kitchen, grinding knives in solitude.
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