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Om my third career. First was TV production (was Broadcast Manager for NBC at the Barcelona Olympics at the tender age of 24, all downhill from there :D), then had a multimedia/design company until 2001, then freelance designer, and for last 10 years or so I've been writing about healthcare.

Wonder what my fourth career will be! Possibly day trading.

Good thread, it's so interesting to see what a diverse group we are. Love it.
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Life support system for a fat gassy bulldog

Voluntarily unemployed surgeon aspiring to be a cook when I grow up
I lived in a villa one summer in the south of France and I payed my rent by gardening and taking care of the pool.
Usually took about an hour a day, then it was rosé and topless girls by the pool for the rest of the day.......
and what exactly was it that made you switch 'careers'?
Engineering Technician

Well, I should update.

After more than 20 years on the job including a lot of production time and then as a technician, earlier this year I was surprisingly promoted to Engineer/Scientist.

It just means they can make me work more hours without paying me OT.