What knife to debone rabbits?

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Jul 4, 2018
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Hello, I'm having trouble in finding a proper knife to debone rabbits, expecially when I need to leave the back skin intact in order to make a roll. Honestly, I have not to much experience in deboning rabbits, so I might just need to get more confident with it. Which knives and/or tools do you use?
I use a Wusthof classic Ikon boning knife and works fine for me, I've never tried any other shape for meat butchery as the classic shape always worked fine for me.
When you do saddle of rabbit I think you just need to take your time in the back bones as the meat is really thin and is easy to break.
A straight boner, shorter rather than long and it takes some practice.

A short boning knife from Victorinox works great for me. But of course this is independent of the brand, every other manufacturer does the same. I just like Victorinox for things like that, a simple and good tool for a job like this.
The size of your rabbit makes a great difference.
USA style ‘fryer’ rabbits are usually too small to do a boneless saddle.
For these youe require a small extremely sharp blade, patience and dexterity and even then you go thru the thin skin around the backbone. You can then stuff, roll, tie with string or use caul fat or maybe al foil until the protein has set.
Much of what I see for sale in the bigger rabbits is from China and I don’ t use them.
For bigger rabbits I go to a Live Poultry seller and they usually have good size rabbits.
But even then deboning the backbone is an art. and again requires a small extremely sharp blade.
I use a Wusthof small pairing knife.
I use a silverthorn 6" boning knife. The narrow tip is quite handy.