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SOLD 9 Knives: Toyama, Takeda AS, Konosuke, Gesshin Ginga, Unshu Yukimitsu, Hinokuni, Tsubaki, Zakuri, Nakashima

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Feb 4, 2017
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New Jersey, USA
StatusBrandTypeCoreCladdingLengthHeightThickness at heelThickness 1cm from tipWeightHandleSourceCondition*Asking**
SOLDGesshin GingaparingstainlessNA92231.80.739ho/hornJKILike new$140 $125
SOLDHinokuninakiriwhite 1iron, kurouchi2405632.3286cherry/plasticRealSharpKnifeLike new$130 $115 $105
SOLDKonosukepettyHD2NA180301.80.866ho/hornToshoLike new$200
SOLDNakashimadebablue 2iron137466.23.2178ho/plasticKnife JapanUnused, a few small rust spots$85 $75 $65
SOLDTakeda ASgyutoblue superiron, kurouchi253652.11155maple/pakkaChuboLike new$400
WITHDRAWNToyamagyutoblue 2stainless, kurouchi244544.81.8223ho/hornZahocho (via Millertime1111)Like new$420
SOLDTsubaki (Miyazaki)hakatablue 2iron182503.71.3150ho/metalCKTGExcellent, barely used, but partially flattened bevels$170 $150 $130
SOLDUnshu Yukimitsugyutowhite 1iron, kurouchi201442.80.8124zelkova/pakkaKnife JapanLike new$200
SOLDZakuritosagatablue 1iron, kurouchi183403.31.5115walnut/plasticJKILike new$85 $75 $70

* "Like new" means maybe a few test cuts but still sharp and never sharpened.
** Includes US shipping

$20 $15 off if you buy two, $40 $30 off if you by 3, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions...

Gesshin Ginga 92 mm paring

Hinokuni 240 mm nakiri
(still has original lacquer)

Konosuke HD2 180 mm petty

Nakashima 137 mm deba
(very small rust spots visible, from storage)

Takeda AS 253 mm gyuto (still has original lacquer)

Toyama Kurouchi 244 mm gyuto

Tsubaki (Miyazaki) 182 mm hakata

Unshu Yukimitsu 200 mm gyuto
(still has original lacquer)

Zakuri 183 mm tosagata

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@CodyJ Not sure if you bought something yet, but that Zakuri could a good experimenting knife for polishing.
Someone buy that Kono HD2 petty 180 mm before I do!🥵
Omg you go first please 🙏..! It’s killing me and I’m sitting here counting out pennies..!! Trying to figure out how to make it work..!! My wife will hang me out to dry in the dog house 🏡..!
Smh 🤦‍♂️ I need that at least I think 🤔 so too..! Get work horse 🐎 for work prep everyday..! Herbs and shallots this knife will kill it all hands down bar none ..!!