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I am now ready
sugi 6 and maillet nakiri
OK, while waiting for customers to mail me back I got some time to bring my active collection in order for ARM:

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From the left:

Unknown nakiri that I purchased used a year ago. Seems to be stainless. Don't know brand or maker or anything. More pics here

Kajibei nakiri purchaed from Cleancut two years agi. My initial review here.

Watanabe 165mm pro nakiri.

Chinese cleaver purchased from HW Larsen in Copenhagen. More pics here.

Am I good to go?
You are ready for takeoff.
That moment when you've finished your All Rectangle March knife on the first of March 😄
Just some snapshots fresh outta workshop 🤙 (I guess it's still warm...)

14C28N, 170x46,4x3,4mm , 188g
Handle is dessert iron wood and chestnut (I guess)


Fabian ✌️
ARM 2024!!!


On behalf of all the members of the Global Rectangle Organization (GRO), welcome. Whether you're a seasoned Rectangler, a casual user, or just blunt-curious, this is the place for you!

What is All Rectangle March? Well, it's just a celebration of all things mostly rectangle shaped and sharp. From crazy cleavers to nimble nakiris to fun fruit knives, there's a little something for everyone.

Do you have to use nothing but rectangles during ARM? No! Sure, there's the underlying goal of using one as your primary knife for the month but if not, that's cool. The ARM'd Forces has room for regular and reserve troops.

As said, ARM is a celebration. Post up your pictures, share your thoughts, give a review, ask questions, buy a new one, whatever it is, the idea is to have a spot where for the next 31 days, it's all about those "other" knives.

I'll try to put together my own State of the Rectangle Address this weekend but in the meantime, please jump in!

It's time to GRO!

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Alright gents, still got some stuff on the way but will have to make do with this hastily-assembled ARM kit for now.


Initial impressions:

CCK1103 - Cuts well because it's quite thin and comparatively heavy. Love the large surface area for scooping. That said, easily the worst fit and finish I've ever experienced. But performance is still fun and stress free. I think it's over priced at $110 but reasonable minds may differ. And I know it's been said before but . . . why the god awful QR code??

Daovua Tall Nakiri 52100 (tsuchime finish) - Surprisingly nice grind, decent handle all things considered. Has some definite heft and blade-forward balance for its relatively short length (165x70, 210g). I'm not finding the length particularly confining so far, and the height is useful. The 52100 steel is nice and tough (no microchipping at all), and there's been no perceived loss of sharpness over several initial uses. Overall, I say this is a great deal at $75. Color me impressed.

Other Daovua Tall Nakiri 52100 (KU finish) - This was touted as the most current generation so maybe it's an upgrade. Dunno yet, literally just got it. Stay tuned. From our friends at @TokushuKnife

Currently en route: Daovua v3 52100 chinese cleaver, 200x90, also from @TokushuKnife

Not pictured: A gesshin stainless clad w#2 small cleaver that is currently getting a new handle and a grind tune-up by our very own @tostadas .

Also have some real heavy hitters on the way: (1) Knot Handcrafted veg cleaver in 52100 mono, (2) Migoto b1 no. 6 chuka by Y. Tanaka/Kawakita, and (3) a mystery custom for which I am still settling the final details 😈 None of these will arrive in time for this year's ARM, unfortunately, but they will certainly join us in the ARMs to come.