All Rectangle March?

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Oct 24, 2020
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Anyone up for an all rectangle month of March? Of course exceptions for butchery, paring tasks, etc. Just using a nakiri or cleaver in place of your gytuo for the same tasks for a full month? We could share thoughts and experiences and what not.

Just an idea for something a little different. I know a lot of you folks already do this but many others don't.
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As far as exceptions go, I just broke down a bird for chicken salad with my thin Lars. I’d give it a 7/10. So yeah. Get on my level.

As a warning though, I’m a lil dumb. I can’t wax all eloquent and whatnot about “how it feels on the board/stones”. It either went well, or it didn’t. I can make literal and figurative chicken salad, ya know? I just buy all this fancy **** because I can, and want to leave my kids nice ****.
Do you have a rectangle petty knife? 🤔

I feel like you need alliteration to make this a thing. Square September? Parallelogram April?
So I went through a process awhile ago, "operation full cleaver," took a couple years and I completed it last year. I used to have a pretty "nIce 🫤" gyuto collection.

It was much nicer than the cleaver collection I had. But I had collected some nice rectangles along the way. Still having those gyutos made me want to use them and atleast for me was kind of a distraction. At this point I had become comfortable with cleaver and really preferred a cleaver to a gyuto, but I'm still a knife nut and cool knives are cool knives. Admittedly, there was numerous gyutos that I wanted to keep, but sold them due to financial stress. And I still miss them and kind of wished I still had them. That being said, I don't feel this ambiguous distraction that I used to feel. And I don't pull out my gyutos and stare at them all creeper style, wasting time, like I used to.

I did end up with 2 gyutos left. One is a migoto white 1 240, and the other is takayuki ginsan non-Damascus. Thats all i have left, after collecting for 8 years😭. Both gyutos that I like alot and would be content using as daily drivers, but I don't. I busted them out sometime last Novemberish for a couple of shifts, but it's been pretty much all cleaver. Last week, i didnt have any butchery knives with me, so i used my Felipe to break down a top round. I don't really think about gyutos anymore. So I'd be down, another great cleaver thread to follow.

The one adjustment I would have to make is I've been using a small vintage victornox on the line. But I guess I could substitute for one of my beater chopper king cleavers for March.