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Thanks. Its a project I'm doing for someone. Its gotten delayed a good bit for a few reasons. The last one being that i had to reforge it because it had a pretty bad warp i couldnt get out after hardening it the first time.

But at this point its getting pretty close. I just need to flatten the bottom. Then comes the really hard part tbh. Which is grinding in the ura. I might end up have to make a different sized radiused platen for it. But ill see.
Would love to see thee final product. I don’t own any but I’ve been debating buying one as I’ve slowly started to read up in Jnats & polishing. I’m not sure it’s a road I’m ready to go down yet but a neat letter/box opener would be fun 😂
Would love to see thee final product. I don’t own any but I’ve been debating buying one as I’ve slowly started to read up in Jnats & polishing. I’m not sure it’s a road I’m ready to go down yet but a neat letter/box opener would be fun 😂
If you want a kiridashi specifically for polishing. You really should go the wrought iron route. Lot of detail that could be brought out during polishing.

Actually a2, with wrought iron cladding i think could make an amazing looking kiridashi with a nice polish on it. Though, idk how easy it would be to actually get that forged welded together then forged out. In my experience trying to weld wrought iron to high alloy stuff, it hasnt gone super well. Lol. But that's a whole different story.

But yeah, polishing is a bit a rabbit hole. So be carefull with that. I only got out because I decided i should just dive into the even bigger, money burning rabbit hole that is knifemaking 😂. Just having a kiridashi around is fun though.

I'll definitely post some pics when its done.
I feel like people don't realize how much actual work goes into these high wear resistance knives.

Here is a mostly ground distal taper, next to one at full thickness still. Takes a few hours to grind just the distal taper on these. And thats laying in as much as my weight as i can onto the belt, with water spraying to keep it cool.
Making progress. Probably about 16 hours of grinding in the last 3 days on these 3 blades.

I'm waiting to get the majority of the grinding done on these ones then I'll do the bevels on the small edc knives since that will take less effort. And maybe start with the other little blades I'm planning to do in this batch. Or i might stick to these main 5. And work on those later. I'll just see how it goes.

Don't mind the surface rust. Just comes with grinding with watercooling it'll obviously not be their when its done lol.

Also. The way I normally like doing these. Is grinding it for the most part like a wide bevel. I do a distal taper. Grind the bevels with the geometry that goes with that to keep the shinogi straight. Then after that i kind of move up the shinogi a little, then round it over. To get a convex grind. Along with the convexing that happens lower on the blade.
Man I want k390 so bad. Wish I haven't been on a spending spree recently
I feel yah. Honestly gonna be a bit jealous of whoever gets it. Kinda sad when you are too broke to be able to afford your own knives 😂.

But nah. I really think this one is going to be killer. I'm going to rope cut test it. And add it to my list of data points.

Ill also do a rope cut test with one of the 10v knives out of this batch. I think this 10v is likely going to do even better than my others. And so far 10v has out cut every steel I've tested by a mile. Even m4, which was the next closest on the test.

I think this k390 this hard will give it a run for its money though.
Started doing final shaping on the venev 80 tonight on the k390 gyuto.


Decided to test it out. And see if the geometry needed tweaked at all. And man. I'm pretty happy with it. Needed zero effort on the onion on any part of the blade.


Remembered i have carrots also so I cut one up. The only place that cracked the carrot at all was directly at the heal. I can adjust that. While getting out the scratches from the grinder though.
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Burned on one of the extra wa handles from one of my j knives i keep laying around to use for stuff like stone work, and all that before i have handles made for knives. Because after using this last night i really want to use it today lol.

But also this is going to be a great test for it. Since I'm doing tacos for my other job. And it involves a ton of cutting. Pico, salsas, toppings, etc. Along with other stuff.
I thought the knife did great. Corrosion resistance is noticably better than carbon steel. Basically the same as 10v which isnt surprising. I treated it like I would a carbon steel blade, and doing so i didn't even pick up a patina. And i cut some acidic stuff today. Limes, oranges, chipotle in adobo sauce, onion, tomato etc.

I didn't notice any issue with the heel wedging anything, but I'm still planning to make sure i soften the convexity their still, but i honestly think the geometry is pretty usable as is. I would just feel better knowing it won't crack a carrot at all, at the heel.

Got out all but the deepest scratches from the grinder tonight. I kept going until i decided i had worked on it late enough. Tomorrow I'm going to move on to doing 120 grit work on the 10v knives on the grinder, and then I'll be done grinding all the kitchen knives.

I need to find some higher than 120 grit belts that i find actually work well on these steels.
Wow. Guys. You are not going to believe this one.

I went to pick up the other gyuto I'm working on to see where I'm at since I still need to do the 120 grit stuff on the belts. And thought. Huh this seems a bit long for a 230mm.

I did all that test cutting on stuff and used it today. And didnt even realize it was the 10v gyuto not the 240+mm k390 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Guess I'm gonna just keep working on this 10v one, and the m2 fixed blades.

All my 120 grit belts are dead. I already ordered some last week. Idk if they've shipped yet. But I need to wait for them.
Doing some more work on the 10v gyuto tonight. (man their aren't enough hours in the day. 😭).

I swear the low grit venev has been a godsend for doing this stuff. Since i like doing the final geometry on basically everything I make on stones. It just makes it so much easier.

Right now I'm just adjusting the geometry toward the heel so it won't crack carrots there.

Ill obviously make sure all the rounding over of facets is done, and smooth also.

For this, and maybe others I'm wanting to do a walkschliff towards the tip. Trying to get how extreme I want it to be, and also how far back I want to go with it worked out.

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Got my 120 grit belts in. So i got all the grinding I'm going to do done on the last two kitchen knives. The 10v nakiri, and the actual k390 gyuto.

Off the belts they both did well on the carrots. I'll try again after the venev 80/150 and make sure I'm still happy with the geometry.

Just wanted to show how exciting doing the stonework is on a full convex cpm 10v gyuto.

Just take this video and multiply it by. 20?
Got a long bar of wolfram special steel in today. Pretty excited for this one. Planning to use my wrought iron with it for san mai.

For those who don't know wolfram special is basically like v-toku1. Which is similar to aogami (1 i think from what i remember), but v-toku1 has a better carbon alloy balance. Wolfram special has just a hair less than v-toku

Then I started forging a 52100 gyuto, I'm planning to do a honyaki with. Still needs a bit more work. Mostly just straighten it. Then i will grind the profile in the rest of the way, and adjust the machi, and tang.
Had some time to get the last of the hot working done on the 52100 honyaki today. Ended up with 260mm of edge, and 57mm of height at the heel to play with.

Those aren't going to be the final dimensions of the knife by the end. For length I will shoot for 240, maybe a little over. For the height I will try to loose as little as possible. But I know I will loose some over time making adjustments.
Spent a few hours today getting this wrought iron flattened. Well. At least got a start to it. Ran out of propane so had to stop, and go get more. Then it got too late to keep going. Since I'm sure my neighbors hate me enough already.

Will finish drawing this out tomorrow or the next day. Should have enough for 2 blades at least. 3 if I'm lucky.

My plan is to use it with the wolfram special steel i got. Though, I'm going to need to do some hrc testing with that steel before i will want to actually make anything.
I know man, it was a joke! Oh boy it can be a tedious job.. 😮‍💨

Keep on updating, it's fun to see your progress 🙂
I know man, it was a joke! Oh boy it can be a tedious job.. 😮‍💨

Keep on updating, it's fun to see your progress 🙂
I'll prolly post an update soonish on the high alloy ones. I'm trying to work in a batch so I'm doing each of processes on all 3 at the same time.

Also, I'm starting new stuff in the meantime, so i can have stuff already in progress as I get these ones finished. To hopefully be able to just keep steadily finishing stuff.
A nice blurry photo of the shiny satin on this 10v bunka. It was going to be a nakiri, because someone already wanted that. Then when they saw I was doing the 10v gyuto changed their mind and decided they wanted that.

So now that it isn't being made for someone specifically. I just decided I wanted to make a bunka, since I haven't done one. Well at least not that I've put up for sale.


Anyway. I'm thinking I want to etch this, and polish the hira up again, leavng a faux kasumi look on the bevel. Just to give it a little more visual interest.
Working on this. Wrought iron clad wolfram special gyuto.

Didn't want to post anything, and end up jinxing it. And maybe I'm posting too soon lol. Because i need to forge just a tiny bit more to get the taper I want, and also maybe ad a touch more height and thin the edge on one part of it a little before grinding

Very close to finishing these.

Just need to finish polishing the bunka, and get the holes in the handles cleaned up a bit so they fit properly after i glued them up. Then i can attach them and thats it.

I think these 3 knives are some of my best so far. At least as far as the cutting performance. Testing them. They were just great. The k390 sharpened up like crazy sharp.

I didnt share it here. But the day i sharpened and tested that one. I didnt tuck one of my fingers enough for the claw grip. And it was that kind of crazy sharp edge where instead of sliding along my fingernail. It bit in and cut straight through it. I have a pic of the aftermath. But figured i would spare you guys the anguish lol.

The bunka is a laser, and cuts like you would expect from a laser, and the 10v gyuto is spoken for but its right there with the k390 one.
I think this is the most applicable thread i have for this.

Got my tester today!!!!


Its new home!

Had to get someone to help me lift it up here. Moving it is fine once its down, or if its on the ground i can use a dolly. But this thing is just under 200 lbs. So picking it up, and setting it down gently is a 2 person task.