In praise of the full sized cleaver

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Refined, yet toothy
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Dec 17, 2017
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Boston, MA

Used to use a CCK 1303 all the time (on right). Recently got a 1301 from Mr. Hanna, Bill. Put it on the belt for thinning (it has a nice 60 grit belt finish near the edge I haven’t bothered to polish out), now I use it like for everything. 1301=horse. 1303=groundhog.
My two favorites. CCK that I can't remember the number of, it's the carbon 9". Next to it is a Moritaka in AS that I thinned out slightly, mostly just eased the shinogi and gave it some convexity

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'Extra' Leung Tim @ c. 230x110mm.

(I assume the same size as Wagnum's CCK above).

Yes, it's the big one, and one pound is normal for them. Definitely hefty.
Nice. I love the weight but their definitely not something I'd want to use to do a 50lbs bag of onions
I really like the stock handle on the Moritaka and have enjoyed its heft -- just a little outside your zone. I don't really notice the weight difference between it, at 460g and the Ginga at 495g