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Just thinned this Honyaki Fuji and Moon by Jikko today(White 3, Look like Ikeda)

NSK #400, Iyo, Okuden-Suita?, Asagi?.

Bought the JNATs from 330mate on Amazon.jp.

The stones I've received wasn't what I've ordered but the type and shape of them matched for what I've paid for,
I think the owner might have substituded the finishing stones without communication.

I am sastiflyed with what I've received but I can see where shop's reputation was from.

Izumimasa White 1 Honyaki, NSK #400, Iyo, Maruo White-Suita.

I think my personal favourite are White 1 Honyaki because they bites whetstone very well and very resilient to rusting comparing to any other carbon steel I've used.

Also the burr cuts well even without news paper trick, I run out of news paper often.

As long as I don't drop it or hit the sink, and cold water in warm room.

This knfie is roughly 15mm shorter comparing to when it was new, chipped the tip first week but it eventually wore away.
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Snagged another marou shiro suita from the man himself, big thanks to @waterandrocks for going and getting this one for me. Kuro renge, renge, and that classic suita gold. Swirly whites throughout the middle. Quite clean.


Harder, faster, finer, greyer. Also more acidic by about 1.6x. Just finished lapping it and haven’t tested, but I liked what it did on single bevels before any prep.
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Im guessing most people here saw the posts but looks like @maxim at JNS is gonna have quite a haul after his trip to Japan
Yeah the years of scare mongering (to artificially inflate prices) that supply of quality Jnats was history are well and truly dismissed.
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