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Awesome! Count me and the pups in! Playing King of the Hill, while we try to spread mulch... 🙃
Thanks for the giveaway. My go to combo when I go to my folks' 😁


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Just started in this forum and had lots of great conversation in this place with wonderful people. I am hoping to make more friends, there for hosting a giveaway of around 1kg of Jnat ( haven't really decided which ones, or maybe anything of your choice within around 500usd worth). to join all you have to do is to reply me a picture of your stone, knife or your pet, I'll number and use random number selector when there is 200 replies. I'll cover for 20 usd worth of shipping ( which I believe is all over the world). Hugely appreciate this forum😁
Here is one of my knives


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Here is my little set of 3 nagura and a Okudo Tomae. Thank you for doing this. You're very generous! Good luck to us all!


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