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Yeah I’ve already made dinosaur chicken nuggets for the kids in 45 minutes less time, air-fried broccoli, a tuna melt, and a grilled cheese. Plus it’s a small warming drawer.

I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving!!

I'm thankful that my daughter came to the family gathering this year, and thankful that I found this forum!!


That's great about your daughter!

Also, you don't have to spend a bunch of money on knives to hang out and participate. Check out the cooking sub-forum. Especially this thread:

And never hesitate to go into the Sharpening Station sub-forum and ask for help or advice. Great folks that are always willing to help.

If anyone else wants to turn a denka into a Toyama, can you at least make sure it’s a 270 and also put it on BST ?

Daughter is in town for the weekend

Daughter: I'm going to Pacific Mall for the afternoon.

Wife: do we need her to get anything?

Me: well, I'm not going to ask her to get me a cleaver.

For those that are not in the area, Pacific Mall is the home to the CCK store in Toronto