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WTS Masakage Zero, Nigara SG2 Damas 210 ! Also, Mazaki, Wakui, Yoshikane, Hitohora, Tanaka, Nakagawa and others! available!

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Sorry, I’m not familiar with the Noboiroi line, but I’m interested if it’s not a white steel. Do you have pictures of the Noboiroi and the Nakagawa b1 gyuto? Also, what are your prices on them?
The Tanaka is a 210 B2 dama, is from JNS, normally about a $500 knife, I'll lrt go for $350+$15 shipping. Superb knife. The Nakagawas are both 210s,, first is a S3 ktip $259; second is a W2 dama gyuto, $300.
My whole collection is up for sale, which also includes Myojin, Masashi, Hado, Fujiwara, Takeda and Moritaka. I will accept any reasonable offers for any of my knives. I am a 100% disabled vet, my health prevents me from enjoying these knives. I really want to get them out to homes where they will be used and appreciated, I will try to respond to your inquires quickly, but given my age and health, there might be some delay. Please be patient; also, I have been out of market for some time, so if any of my prices are out of line, please let me know, and I will correct them. Thank you so much, BJ Clay
Yesterday at 1:13 AM
I have sold only my Denka and Toyama. I have a Nakagawa 210 S3 ktip and a 210 W1 dama; a Tanaka JNS 210 B1 dama, a Togashi 240 W1 migaki; Fujiwara Marboroshi W1 165 and 145 nakiri; a Yoshikane W2 Ryky 240 gyuto; a Wakui W2 nashiji 240 gyuto, Myojin Tetsujin B1 210 metalflow and 270 B2 sujihiki; a Mazaki 240 W2 Honsanmai gyuto w/saya and W2 soft ironclad 150 petty; Tanaka SG2 210 dama gyuto and 165 bunka; a Takeda AS "small" kiritsuke; a Moritaka AS 190 cleaver; a Masakage AS 210 Koishi, an Anryu AS 165 bunka; Hado Junpaku W1 240 gyuto and 150 petty; Konosuke GS+ gyuto, a yauji 240 B2 kiritsuke; Kobayashi SG2 dama 150 petty, Manaka AO1 165 bunka; a Masashi Shiroshu 150 petty, and a couple of lower tier knives, like Harukaze G3 nashiji 165 bunka and 1 or 2 strays. I do have a couple single edged yanagis a pratice one and a Sakai 240 dama yanagi. I also have the Hatsukokoro Shirasagi B2 165 single edge. So, what's your pleasure? Made a mistake, the SG2 gyuto and bunka are Nigara, not S. Tanaka. I also have a Meglio 240 gyuto and a Birch and Bevel Honyaki. Also have beautiful Mattias Hangler Apex U.
Manaka, Hado and Takeda SOLD.
Mazaki, Zero and Honyaki SOLD.
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Sorry my friend the Takeda was sold right before you asked, only a couple of hours. I'm an old man and sick so I'm liquidating my collection, because I just can't take care of them. If you look on the thread I said the Takeda, Hado and Manaka were sold right before you posted. I really wish I had another Takeda to sell, but I just have a Moritaka cleaver. My regrets, BJ Clay
Hello there. Do you still have the following knives and what are your asking prices for them if they are available?

Togashi 240 W1 migaki
Mazaki 240 W2 Honsanmai gyuto w/saya
Mazaki W2 soft ironclad 150 petty
Hado knives - were the both sold?
Konosuke GS+ gyuto (what is the length?)
Kobayashi SG2 dama 150 petty
Birch and Bevel Honyaki (what is the length?)

I am so sorry I did not see this message until now.
The Togashi is $440
Mazaki is SOLD
Hado S3 Ktip is available at $290
Konosuke GS is 240 and $200
Kobayashi is $150
Birch and Bevel is 230mm and $575-SOLD
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Forgive me for asking a very basic question, but I’m an avid home cook with limited knowledge of knives. I have some SS Global knives I use, but am ready for something better. Looking for my first carbon steel Japanese knife. Would like double bevel. Nothing more than ~9”, chef/gyuto. What do you have that fits that bill?

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