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We've had rain for the past few days. But that system moved through and we had this:


Which turned to this:

And finally this:
Actually that picture was taken in August 2012 when I did Death Valley from south to north on my BMW 1600 GTL. Another pic … note the shape of the windscreen.



The year before … in July 2011 I did Death Valley from North to South on my 2009 CVO Harley with a friend who rode her Harley Heritage Softail. A few more pictures.




The last picture was my Harley at the Grand Coulee Dam.

Great memories.
Sorry for all the hiking pictures, but really like
these with great group of people we went out to Nico's seafood after for lunch.
Alewa heights trail looking across Nuuanu valley to Pacific heights with Punchbowl crater in front. Punchbowl crater is Hawaii military graveyard of Pacific. Two of Janice uncles are buried there. One died in Italy 442
1944. Other was military intelligence survived the war. All older generation are gone now but every memorial day we bring flowers to the graves.

This picture is Diamond head crater peaking over Pacific heights ridge.

Next is wider view showing both craters.

This was toughest hike so far many steep ups & downs class 2 hike. Two people dropped out since it was not a loop trail Janice had enough. Made sure she had water & snacks among the large Norfolk pine trees. She waited till we turned around & came back. She said it was nice trade winds blowing & just sound of birds singing.
A little Geology. Oahu used to be two large shield volcanoes. Now reduced by erosion over 3 million years. Now two mountain ranges. As the hot spot moves east our hike was on koolau range when was much larger lava flows on western side flowed to the older shield volcano west Oahu. The lava flows connecting two ancient
Shield volcanoes is called the saddle this is where sugar & pineapple were planted.

Looking West across the plain toward Waianae range in the distance.


Waimalu valley

Today most of hike it was raining.Lots of tree cover, but still hiking shoes muddy & people put on rain gear. Makiki heights trail.
I'm going to invest in hiking spikes for my shoes. A walking pole helps with slippery downhill see others with spikes going to get for me & Janice. She knew this hike & showed us Diamond Head overlook. We have been in dry conditions no green on Diamond Head but still beautiful in the overcast light.

Today was first summit hike I have done in 20 years. It was all up hill going & downhill coming back. Sure put my walking poles to good use.
Going up looking down on Coco Head crater & Hawaii Kai

Coco Crater


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These pictures are when we reached the summit overlooking Waimanalo and eastern part of the island of Oahu.
This is cliffs, town of Waimanalo and Rabbit island off shore a crater that erupted out of the sea.


While we were up there a heavy bank of clouds approached hit the cliff face and went just over us we were in the clouds then past with the winds into sunlight again.

Tired & happy we went to eat fish taco's at Kona brewery Hawaii Kai. Of coarse had a couple fresh brews too on tap.
Today got caught in downpour my Marmet jacket kept top dry, shorts & shoes soaked. Was raining at our house so I drove car pool in the Subaru to cross mountain range in the rain. Some times overcast sky makes good pictures even on phone camera.



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What a beautiful place. Thanks for all those photos.
Beautiful Australia,
My wife shot this video on our balcony. Almost every day 20 or so cockatoos come and play on the balcony. I saw one cockatoo at a pet shop in NYC and if I'm not mistaken they cost around $1600.00


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That sounds about right. Cockatoo's are in Parrot family like Macaw's. Usually go for top dollar. Parrot's are not indigenous to Hawaii. We have green parrots up here in the valley. They started as pets thriving in the wild. Lots of fruits, seeds, bugs they can eat.

That's cool shot all those Cockatoo's on the rail, roof, & trees.
@Se1ryu That's amazing. Does your wife feed them? or is there something known to be special to them at your location?
Lols, you know because it's a wild birds. My aunt doesn't allow us to give food to wild birds outside our house because the make a mess. They always come by and sometimes they get kind of angry looking for food and trying to break something lol 😂 Thats why we just give them bread. We don't buy bird food.

While it is not technically illegal to feed native birds in Australia and you are unlikely to be issued with a hefty fine, wildlife experts strongly discourage bird feeding.

"Adelaide woman faces $30,000 fine for feeding a massive number of pigeons in her front yard"