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Searching for Eocene shells in the Texas hill country

Always wanted to do hike of Tantalus Crater.
High up on the ridge in tropical rainforest conditions. It was last known eruption on Oahu around 15 thousand years ago. It also spilled lava into Paoa valley where we live. Created Paoa Flats where lava leveled off now watershed land. We had to hike down into the Crater lucky lots of bamboo to hold onto going down & climbing back out. It's a large Crater with many huge trees because high up in wet conditions.

Oahu for some geological reason has far more what they call post erosional eruptions. Long after the large Shield volcano's have been reduced to valley's & Ridgelines. Oahu has 40 known eruptions Of coarse Diamond Head, Punchbowl, Coco Crater, are some of the well known ones. Tantalus was the last as said around 15 thousand years ago.

In the crater
hiking out to the top of Crater rim
It was a nice day to be on the water yesterday afternoon, for a human tech worker looking for a bit of R&R. Seemed like it was a good day to be an eagle, and a bad day to be a rabbit. It was also not ideal to be a little fishee but pretty ok to be a heron.
eagle2 6-5-23.jpg
heron2 6-5-23.jpg
heron3 6-5-23.jpg
eagle1 6-5-23.jpg
heron1 6-5-23.jpg
Sicily - vulcanos on "Vulcano" a lipari island and "Etna" on the mainland.

Sitting on top of little "Vulcano" at sundawn overviewing some of the other lipari islands and amongst these, the highly active "Stromboli" is quite special.
Would have loved to do Stromboli as well and feel the earth rumbling under my feet but ran out of time.

The black stone and dust on mount etna, clouds underneath and the (almost) absence of vegetation made one feel like you are in heaven or somewhere close. Magic!

Needless to say the food in sicily is quite special.
Try a parmigiana and experience how so few ingredients can taste so good.
Also enjoyed the caponata and involtini very much.


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Went to Kyrgyzystan 3 times as one of my dear friends lived there for a couple of years.
Despite being democratic, it is quite corrupt and chaotic in places
but what I like about it, is its "rawness".
Over 40% of the country´s area is 3000m above sea level.
Lots of "untouched" nature and if it is "touched", you will find families of nomads living in yurts (typical nomand "tents") often completely detached from civilization.
Mountains, wild animals and of course minimal light pollution.
Yes, the camera sees more than the eye but the visibility of stars and the milky way was quite humbling and bewitching.
At Song Kul we met a group of Koreans from Seoul that slept in the yurt next to us.
When they left the yurt after dinner to watch the stars some of these (grown men from Seoul) were actually crying.

The picture with that blurry man in the picture is a selfie taken at Song Kul at 3000m. The unbelievably calm lake also at Song Kul. The wild horses we met at Ala Archa where we made a picnic (P8100158.jpg), a national park close to the capital Bishkek.
Other pictures from around Issyk-Kul, the 2nd biggest mountain lake in the world.


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I’m on the azuero peninsula in Panama. My partner grew up here, she took me by the adobe house that’s been in her family for a couple of hundred years.

Here’s the obligatory beach shot from the extreme southern side of the peninsula. Super remote, it’s a great spot lots of cattle ranches in the area and great surfing, particularly in the winter. The black sand feels like you’re walking on carpeting