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SOLD Raquin 145sc Kasumi Gyuto 240

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Oct 2, 2019
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Bought this from BST a year ago. Used lightly and sharpened/stropped once. Patina removed. Comes with a saya. Grind is closer to KT. Kasumi finish.

Asking for what I paid, $750 plus shipping.
  • 241mm*53.4 mm.
  • 218 gram.
  • Spine is 4.6 mm thick out of the handle, 3.6 above the heel, 2.2 in the middle and 1.3 mm at 1 cm from the tip.
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Funny his stuff sells out instantly for his drops. This one is super clean too, most have too much wabi sabi for a kasumi finish
very nice piece, great specs and fair pricing too. unfortunately too similar to my 235mm KT.
This one looks great, Racquin's knives are superlative when applied to the right task. The fact that this one already has a nice even kasumi is a nice bonus. The 145sc is also incredible. Someone is going to LOVE this!

Not sure I'd agree that these typically have wabi-sabi that'd inhibit a kasumi - in fact the 4 Ive handled now have all had some of the most precise forging I've ever seen! That makes putting on a stellar stone finish quite easy given the geometry is so precise from heel to tip. Like all knives with this flavor of geometry though, they are a little more prone to mild bends (extremely easily fixed, even just using your hands and eyes), which maybe would lead to difficulty putting on a stone finish. That small tradeoff is definitely worth the performance you get off these. I won't ever let mine go.
in fact the 4 Ive handled now have all had some of the most precise forging I've ever seen!
“Most” was not the right word to use on my part. In my limited experience the ones I have handled needed some work on the bevels to put my desired kasumi finish on them but that really comes down personal preference

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