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Ok, based on some of the recommendations here. I’m thinking about purchasing this:

Hatsukokoro Single Bevel White #2 Deba 195mm​

For those of you in support of the deba, what are your thoughts on this one? Thanks
Well it’s kinda big. It’s not so much a problem with the length of the knife ( You’re only suppose to use the front third of the blade ) as it is the weight. Maybe you catch really large fish though? I’d say a 180 or even 150 would be more useful for inshore sized fish. Offshore could be anything.
Tuna 30-100lb. Some bottom fish 15-50lb. Eventually smaller tougher stuff like triggerfish and sheepshead, once I learn some basic sharpening skills as has been recommended here. Maybe a smaller version later?
My new toys. Now I just need some time and a pretty day to find some sea creatures to cut up.

Kinda disappointed in the sharpness of both. Requested the best sharpening service on each of them, but neither is as sharp as a fresh out of the box MAC.

Thanks for the video, but salmon are quite different from the fish I typically deal with. The salmon’s flesh, and especially its skin are super soft, and it’s ribs are easily cut.
Also, a fillet cut held flush against the vertebra would result in considerable waste in fish with larger vertebra.
Yeah that's basically... filetting an already cleaned fish. Although I do agree that when you know what you're doing you can do it with knives of all shapes and sizes; no need to get anything specifically Japanese.