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Nov 4, 2019
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Looking to buy a good all around burger/flat top spatula as a gift.

My buddy runs a pop up with nothing but a flat top and a fryer, he’s blown through about 3 dexter spatulas to this point and I want to get him a good one. Here’s a pic of what I’m looking for in style.

Anyone know anything that won’t snap in 3 months? Something with minimal flex preferred


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I have a Mercer Praxis spatula that I use on my Blackstone and it's very nice. It's a giant 6X5 spat for smashburgers, but they make it in smaller sizes too... looks like maybe you want the 6X3 version. I've been meaning to pick up an 8X3 or two for making hash browns. Anyway, my 6X5 turner is a total beast - a heavy monster with basically zero flex, making it perfect for smashing patties. And the blade weighs enough on its own to sit flat on the griddle without the handle dragging which can be nice if you've ever had a handle melt out on you. (I have.)

Speaking of handles, this series has a lovely rosewood handle that's nicer than it needs to be for the cost of the spatula. If the OP wants something that's got more of a Fibrox/Dextery NSF handle, Mercer also makes a line of turners and spatulas with heat resistant polymer handles called "Hell's Handle." These are nice, but I much prefer the wooden handle -- at least for my moderate home use. If you're working a flat top on a line all day, maybe the high heat synthetic handle is a better choice.

Here's an overview of Mercer's 3 lines of spats/turners: The Hell's Handle, Praxis, and Millenia.

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following with interest.

i would not recommend lamson.
They’re fun to make and as they can be done without heat treating don’t need the same amount of tooling to do as a knife would