Suggestions for economical durable knives for a multi generational use vacation home

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Nov 25, 2016
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Marietta Ga
Hi All , My family has a vacation home that is used by three generations of my family along with their friends. Years ago I replaced a bunch of Walmart quality knives with a zwilling chef, petty, bread knife and slicer . I hadn’t been to the cabin for over a year and found that all but the bread knife have been disappeared. What would you suggest? Knives need to be durable and rust resistant. Definitely economical as well since someone may decide to upgrade “their” Zwillings . 😜 Thanks!
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I've sharpened plenty of Vics OOTB for a welfare kitchen. Remove the shoulders, thin a bit more and keep the original very edge geometry. I used a Chosera 400, if you have coarser that's faster. Very little work.

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