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I use both. Since my style of chicken butchering segments at the joints, there’s no real issue of fragility for the single bevel. The chickens I butcher are headed, feathered, gutted, and come without feet.

The double bevel is tougher, so if I were new to butchering or actually chopping through bone I would choose that.

I do have a slight preference for single bevel honesuki, but that’s probably just because I grew up using them and am biased.
This looks like a question for @Pie

If you’re considering it, I say buy it. Especially if it’s on sale. It’s got a lot of character for a small knife. I haven’t used an asymmetric one before, but used to use a double bevel on the regular.

Single bevel is likely on the heavier side, maybe not so much vs Takeda or moritaka but feels like more like a tool than a knife compared to say a much thinner y. Kato.

The edge on the single bevel feel thinner and sharper but it may not actually be any thinner bte than the double, it definitely gets thick very quickly. I’ve gone through a small bit of bone with both and neither have chipped so durability seems similar. As mentioned above, We’re usually not hacking and smashing with these. It’s worth noting that there was a huge microbevel ground into the Hatsukokoro. If you leave it there and sharpen accordingly this thing would likely be invincible.

In terms of actual performance, i suppose an edge is an edge - it’s up to the sharpener. The differences as far as I can tell are pretty small, and possibly insignificant.. the spine is sharper for scraping, the tip is far more sturdy, really I’m struggling to think of anything else. It just feels better, a lot of feedback that tells you what you’re cutting through and an unexplained ability to easily do a couple cuts I can’t get the double bevel to do well. I did take mine down to a convex zero.

Oops. How’s that for ramble lol.