what are you drinking tonight?

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Yesterday evening was good.

I'll bet it's around if you look for it, but Spain's got a lot of great wine! Personally my favorite kind of Spanish wine is probably Ribeira Sacra, wish it was more available here.
I live in La Mancha. This is the place in Spain where the most quantity of grapes are grown.
Maybe not the most famous, but there are good wines here, and the most of the wine I drink is from here. Moreover, this wine is usually cheaper than Rioja. I hardly ever buy wines more expensive than 5€.
I have drunk ribeiro which is also from Galicia, and more known here than Ribera Sacra.
Last year, I worked in Mondéjar, a town which have their own 'denominación de origen' (I don't know how to translate it into English) and I liked their wines.
Anyway, I am not a reference in wines.
The Spanish Trappist is a discovery! complexity and nice finely spaced bitters!


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Good for the price (22 USD on sale) but too fruit forward for my taste, like strawberry and raspberry jam, and has a slight whiff of acetone. I prefer earthier flavors in this type of wine.

Maybe will improve with some time to breathe.

This one has turned in the most pleasant way. Basically a very oxidized vermouth. No vinegar hit, but all tertiary dried fruit and earthy flavors. Would I drink again? No. Was it a good outcome for something my family had forgotten during a move decades ago? Yes.
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