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Falscher Hase (meat loaf), mushrooms cream sauce, glazed peas and carrots, with tagliatelle.
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Lomi Salmon is a Hawaiian dish. Traditionally Salmon is rubbed with rock salt left to cure. I like to cook wild caught Salmon in a skillet with olive oil. Brown both sides break up fish Salmon flakes easy turn off heat stir till done. Break into smaller pieces. Tomatoes juicy better, maui sweet onion, green onion from garden. Add together & mix.

Like Lomi on brown rice with little chili pepper water. Knife Yoshikane SKD.
That's about as German as it can get :)

But, no German would ever call them "Tagliatelle". That's for the fancy hipster crowd. Those are "Bandnudeln"! ;)
That's right! Actually there should be celery puree with it. But the lid fell off the salt shaker:angiefavorite:. Unfortunately, skimming the salt didn't work. So a plan b was needed. That's why there were Bandnudeln with it🤣.
For meat free monday I took another shot at making dog poo veggie kofte.
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Put them in a flatbread with hummus, grilled tomato and peppers, cucumber, carrot, feta, parsley/onion salad and fermented chili-sauce.
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Lars what's the recipe for the kofte? I need some meat free days as well.
hahah..I made a meal from my childhood. my grand-dad would make it occasionally, and the flavor is burned into my brain. my stepdad had a great version. my wife barely understands it. she eats it and I think she likes it. well *** - she is getting it for dinner tonight. I will try my damndest to take a plated picture that doesnt look like baby vomit. :D

it is the very very Cantonesey home cooking 101 dish. Creamed corn over rice!!! I dolled it up some, and just waiting for my babes to come home so I can plate up a dish. I hope she doesnt order a pizza.

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Lars what's the recipe for the kofte? I need some meat free days as well.
300g cooked lentils
1 onion, finely chopped
1 clove of garlic, grated
2 tbsp soy
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp paprika
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp dried mint
2 tsp black papper
2 eggs
4 tbsp olive oil
100g dry bread crumbs
A big handful of finely chopped fresh herbs, I used parsley and cilantro.

Add everything but the bread crumbs and fresh herbs to a food processor and blend to a coarse pure and transfer to a bowl.
Add the bread crumbs and fresh herbs, mix well then let it sit for 10 minutes.
Form into patties and shallow or deep-fry until they are golden.

L’aillade de veau is a rustic provançal dish of veal cooked with a ton of garlic. It can be cooked in different ways and today mine also have tomatoes, carrot and potatoes.
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Potato and beef/veal stew. As kids we were raised with food like this. Comfort food. And still make it to this day for the fam.

147F for 75 minutes on sourdough shokupan, chasing poached with much more work so I can claim it takes no effort. Not quite the temp and time.

The others are 63C for 40, 75 and 155 minutes per (https://khymos.org/2011/04/23/perfect-egg-yolks-part-2/), water bathed to chill after cooking. 75 minutes comes close to poached I think, yolks just beginning to thicken, and a very delicate white. The 155 is honestly the most interesting, the yolk is a pretty unique and very weird texture. Slightly toothsome, very creamy. I think it’d work really well for ramen eggs if you’re gentle in your handling.

Also, on the topic of weird food chemistry. Nitro foam in heavy cream is unexpectedly stable. Like it holds it shape for multiple hours on end, which isn’t what I was led to believe from the science which says nitrous (the stuff used in whipped cream canisters) is significantly more soluble in fat, but I’ve never had stuff from the can hold its shape quite like this. That being said, it’s a much less dense foam. Texture is identical to forms in a good soda float, or sea scum if you’d prefer something non-edible.


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