When you eat meat, do you buy it daily?

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Feb 1, 2013
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I’m pretty close to a great grocery store. I tend to buy meat stuff as I need it.

I bought stuff recently, and I just cooked everything at once to not lose any product. :)
It’s the opposite for me. When I buy meat, it’s a case at a time and it gets vacuum packaged and frozen. Except for steaks and tuna.

Sadly, my diet now is mostly bereft of delicious meat. 😢
I buy mine in bulk, and vacuum seal. Beef , pork, and fish. In addition, I smoke meat in bulk and vacuum seal it as well. I have a fairly large chest freezer which helps.
The less I go to the store the more time and money I save.
For me 'it depends'. Some things simple like minced meat don't hold well so I'll normally use them same day or at most next day. But most of my 'proper meat' and birds I usually get from a restaurant wholesaler. Pretty much everything comes vacuum packed (whether it's fresh or frozen), and that usually means fairly long expiration date without noticable loss of quality. It's a bit counter intuitive but I actually found meat to be one of the easiest parts of my diet to deal with logistically; it's no problem at all to basically buy meat once a month - although I usually spread it out a bit more.
God knows why supermarkets aren't vacuumpacking all the meat yet, it's just silly.
I'm definitely a buy in bulk person. A big part of that is I like to buy meat in as large a portion as possible so I can use my knives!

Chicken I usually buy three at a time, fully debone them, vac seal the breasts, dark meat, wings, and tenders separately, and make stock from the bones.

Whole pork shoulders broken down in chunks for carnitas and ground pork and slabs for stir fry. Whole or half hams are broken down into 1-2 pound chunks and frozen. Pork bones used to make beans.

We don't each much steak, so beef is usually a large piece of chuck to be ground.

Seafood is pretty much the only thing I buy then eat within a day.
Normally consume good meat within 24 hours or purchase, though I always have wild venison, hog, and crawfish tails in the freezer. I'm pretty picky about seafood but lucky enough to have a high quality fishmonger an easy drive away so I always get that day-of.

The whole chickens from the store in the solution bag I'm not worried about, them thangs are preserved. If weather turns crappy and I don't feel like firing up the charcoal then I'll punt to another day and not feel bad.
I buy dry aged meats 1-2kg chunks ,butcher em to steaks ,vacuum & freeze. Sous vide straight out of freezer. Bulk is 20-50% cheaper compared to steaks , i tend to buy good cuts. Other than that i buy 1-4 worth of stuff.
I have a couple of good meat sources near me. Great for steaks and briskets, but they're no good for exotica. So I stock up on things like oxtails and tripe and kidneys and liver and old hens for stock-making when I make the longer trips. Other stuff, I have to order to get my hands on it at all: good hams, better-than-ordinary pork, grass-fed oxtails.

The chamber vacuum sealer has probably paid for itself by now, and I'm glad I have a freezer that will go to -10F.
I buy meat as I need it. If I see something good on sale I'll buy it and plan a meal around it. If I buy too much stuff I'm forced to cook it that night, freeze it, or sous vide it. For example, Ox tail, ground beef, and ribeye was on sale recently so I cooked up the ribeye that night, froze the ground beef, and did a 3 day sous vide of the ox tail. The ox tail and ribeye were delicious, and I used the same skillet to sear both, so less cleaning.
Currently portioning vaccing and freezing some dry aged ex dairy beef mince. Isn’t always easy to get hold of, so bought 10kg and that’ll keep me happy for a while.
My decisions of what to buy are highly influenced by what's on sale. It saves me a ton of money and saves me the trouble of having to come up with my own ideas of what to cook. ;)