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question of the day. what single knife of yours would you never part with until death/etc... ? gotta pick just one today (and yes who knows, your answer could change in the future blah blah =) )

Mine would be the 2nd knife I ever bought for myself. I messed up sharpening it over the years and it has many scratches, but there are a lot of memories with that knife. For me it's my Hiromoto Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto.
For me I have that same connection with my Carbonext knives. Largely because it's the first knives that were good enough that they actually stuck around, and I put so much work in tweaking them, thinning and most of all learning everything myself. They're really the knives that I did most of my journey on, especially since it was several years before I started buying a lot more knives.

I'm sure there's a pill for this....

Every time I put a hurtin on a bottle of rye...random stones from Belgium show up at my house about 10 days later. Not quite sure what the deal is but I have appeared to discover some ancient geologist ritual. More testing is needed, and maybe there's a similar one for curing knife-impotence.

Arguably the coolest night light I’ve ever had even if it’s just for the week.


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Instant karma for poor customer service or yet another unhinged excuse?

January last year I embarked on a collection of small western makers. I made a list of nine knives and said I’d probably just tick off two or three boxes. Here I am today with seven boxes ticked, one more scheduled to be finished in February, and one other knife that was unplanned.

After that, 2024 will see only one more knife (lol)! Then I’ll finally have achieved the “one in, one out” level of my knife journey.

Some days I think about what it would be like to over see a kitchen in a prison(s)

"The Pantry printer isn't working. The error light is flashing. I tried unplugging and restarting it. It won't even print the diagnostics." - Me

"Is there printer paper in it?" - Restaurant Manager that handles the PoS

"🫠🫠🫠🫠" - Me


"I told the Restaurant Manager that the Pantry station printer isn't working, and she asks me if there's paper in it. 🤦‍♂️" - Me

"Yesterday? She came in on her day off?" - Executive Chef

*No you dumbass! I didn't say yesterday!!*

"No, today.....🙄" - Me

I told him to tell Accounting they're for our Kitchen Olympics. Winner gets an all expenses paid dinner for 4 at Mélisse in Santa Monica. Paid for by Accounting.

He wasn't going for it 😔