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Next maillet drop

Next batch is available the 14th of October 2023, Live at 7pm UK time
This week I have 1 Gyuto, 1 Nakiri and 1 Santoku.
I'm working on improving the Kurouchi finish on some of my blades. It's a long process as so many variable change the outcome. Very often the kurouchi will flake off during the quench. When it happen you can't bring it back. Sometime I manage to have much better result like this Nakiri. Almost perfect black mat finish.
I hope you will like this week selection.
Some of my knives will be available from the 16th of November at the LOFT by Mamnick in Sheffield. This event is organised by Mester Class. More about that later.
Thank you​
Jonas is dropping tomorrow (Friday) 14:00 Swedish time
Long slicer, seax and gyuto



He’s had a rough few months
Lew Griffin with 2 knives dropping

Knife sale

At 4pmGMT Irish time Sun October 15th​

Hi all. Two knives available at the time above. A gyuto and bunka both made from in house carbon Damascus steel of approximately 80 alternating layers.
The bunka shape is great for processing vegetables with a taller heel aswell as having a fine tip to allow for more general use. The gyuto is great for all round use with a large blade.

How is MagnaCut to sharpen on standard stones? Chosera/Shapton glass etc.

I was lucky enough to snag the 358 g nakiri :). March is gonna be so fun

Check the msicard magnacut passaround thread over on the passaround forum. I found it to be very slow on my shaptons and while some agreed, others didn’t find any difficulty.