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My two “must do” things when in Glacier National Park, Montana:
1.Visit Bowman Lake, preferably around sunrise


2. Then follow above with breakfast at this remote bakeshop just a few miles from the Canadian border, Polebridge Mercantile


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Around this time of the year, the hordes descend into the valley, fueled by images on social media, forcing the authorities to implement draconian measures to preserve the viewing areas. This has made watching/photographing the annual Fire Fall at Yosemite NP a markedly less enjoyable experience than when we had the opportunity to see it. Sharing a video shot back in the good old days with my old potato camera ie IPhone 6. It’s amazing and definitely should be in everyone’s bucket lists.
I was there a few years ago. Beautiful city!

I went apeshit with all the interesting food I could get there :)
I have gotten to the point that I can't eat any more. The portion sizes are ridiculous.
Today hiked west side of Kaena point. Above the point to highest pillbox on the ridge built in WW2 with gun emplacement. Now just empty bunkers. Down at sea level monk seal tide pools.Laysan Albatross one of largest seabirds. The point is protected wildlife sanctuary. Plenty humpback whales breaching. Albatross with 6 foot wingspan flying. Brought my swarvorski 8.5x42 so could see action clear under mag ification .
Uh, that's kinda scary. How common is it for gators to attack people? I'm assuming it's advisable to not set foot in any water over there?
Exceedingly rare unless you're explicitly messing with them, get too close to a nest, or morons start feeding them and they get accustomed to humans. They're lazy critters and don't want to fight, an adult human is too much effort for them. A dog or toddler are valid prey though. Most bodies of water here have them, but it's not a big deal, they're chill as long as you give space and they bugger off when you start splashing around. If I see a 12-13 footer in the swimming hole I'm probably not gonna go for a swim though, about twice my size is when I figure I look more approachable as prey...but one of the state parks here had a resident 13 footer than hung around the swimming area for decades without ever bothering anyone.

Crocodiles are the aggressive ********, but we don't have any in northern FL.
You wouldn't want to try this with a salt water croc. We have several people getting taken each year. You don't get any warning. All you need to do is stand near the waterline. From when you first see a croc until it has you in its jaws takes less than half a second. They launch themselves at their target from below the waterline and come shooting out like a rocket.

PS: In case you are wondering, you cannot outrun a croc, unless you are a top-notch athlete, and even then it is dicey. They can run faster than most humans.
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Because of superior genetics Crocs have been around millions of years back to Dinosaur Era. Horseshoe crabs hundreds of millions of years. Dragonfly one of first of any life form to fly. All fantastic survivors. Probably be around after we are long gone, along with another hard to kill cockroach.