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Shame the discounted Shapton Glass kit doesn't include a low grit stone. The discount is even bigger than on the Naniwa's.
Mtc 20% off Black Friday sale has now started.
Nano hone 1k, SG 1k or SG 2k? Which one do I want?
SG 1k is good for stainless but it doesn't really do anything that my Chosera 800 doesn't also do while feeling better, though the SG is a bit faster. 2k seems very well loved though
Not knife related but chefwear started their Black Friday 40% off+free shipping sale. I’m not a big fan of most of their products but I do like their cook shirts. I’d Recommend sizing up because they do shrink after repeated washing. Anyway they look pretty clean in person, have a better cut than the chef works ones so for me picking up 4 shirts for $50 was a no brainer.
NZ sale!

20% off Tsunehisa & Masutani knives

Meesterslijpers has some actual black friday deals on the website. Not terribly exciting but there are a few nice deals in there. The Takamura VG10 Santoku for 100 euros might make for a nice affordable gift knife.

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