Do i need a sakimaru?

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Apr 24, 2020
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I'd like to engage in a meaningful conversation about the pros and cons of acquiring a sakimaru here (the rather inexpensive 330 KU b2 on KnS). Please consider my points below.

I'm pretty convinced
  1. This thing KICKS ASS- fugg'n huge, sword tip and KU
  2. It might only be better if there was a skulls, flames, dragons or tigers engraved on it
  3. Since I live in area with the largest octopus in the world, i should have the largest knife possible.
  4. This will help me connect with Japanese culture
  5. This knife will help me make superior sushi/sashimi
  6. Chicks dig dudes with big swordish, kitchen knife things
  7. Being prepared for zombiepocalypse is smart
  8. My current yanagi is short - 300mm. 30mm is huge difference!
Some notable points-
  1. I hate tako (octo-rubber), maybe hate's a strong word. I don't love it.
  2. i have exactly one single bevel*- a masamoto yanagi 300 that is frequently used-> 2-3 times a month**.
  3. I'm knife junkie that's trying to slow my role. Yeah i do sell from time to time, but I like sell 1 to buy 12.
  4. I'm a mediocre home cook and my GF isn't the biggest sushi/sashimi fan. Pandemic has killed my group dinners.
  5. I'm very inexperienced sharpening a single bevel. I just put that sucker(kiriba) flat on the stone, go super light on the ura.
*I recently picked up an usuba from a generous KKF member on the cheap.
**This might be generous, but if I add in Poke, i'm a solid 3-4 times a month.
Buy ittttt. Because none of us are here not to buy knives. That’s a great deal for who made it.

This seems like a “I have nothing else I need so I’m going to start buying random novelty knives” purchase, which I am 100% in favour of.

Bonus points for the KU.
No, but you want one. The most important attribute of these is their swordiness; maybe a double bevel so you use it more? Note though that the sakimaru sujihiki isn’t as general purpose of a knife as a normal suji, it is very good at slicing meat and not good for much else as opposed to a regular suji which I frequently use for all the same I’d use a gyuto.
If it’s function and performance you are after, you will be much better off with a yanagiba. Just speaking from sushi chef experience.
My only useful comment is that flames, dragons or tigers can be added to any blade. I am happy to explain how I laser my makers mark into nail polish covered blades, creating a mask, then electroetch that.
Off the forum's topic: If you like sword-like designs and this is more about knife-collecting than sushi, then have you considered buying a short sword?
So I’m good if I’m that guy…
So did you buy it yet?? I was picking through the stock photos and the only thing that would give me pause is the choil finishing. At this price point it’s somewhat to be expected?

Of course this won’t be your 8 hours a day 5 days a week work knife, so it might not actually matter 😁
99 percent of 'do i need X' questions on this forum could be adequately answered with 'no', but in reality they're really just a quest for justification and enablement... :D