WTS MSicard Cutlery 185mm Apex Ultra/Low Carbon Clad Gyuto

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Feb 28, 2022
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Hello All,

I'm not sure I've seen any low carbon clad Apex Ultra as of yet, so this blade might be a bit unique, perhaps not. It's a smaller piece of a march larger billet I rolled to get a sense of how thin I can roll my cores with my setup. The core on this blade measures .4mm thick, or .015", so I'm quite pleased overall.

This blade is very thin and effectively zero ground. On top of my usual finish treatment of loose abrasive, I also gave this blade a pretty extensive polishing with some tomae powder courtesy of my occasional collaborator and co-conspirator @KasumiJLA, leaving a very frosty looking finish on this blade.

I hope you like it!






  • Blade: 195mmx54mm low carbon+nickel clad Apex Ultra ~68 hrc. 1200 grit finish, etched and polished with loose abrasives and tomae powder
  • Neck: 19mmx17mm
  • Handle: 130mm long, birdseye maple and walnut, oil finished and waxed
  • POB: 22mm from the handle
  • Spine: 2.49mm at the handle, 1.81mm at halfway, .58mm 1cm from the tip
  • Grind: flat to convex RH bias
  • Weight: 117g
  • Relieved choil and spine
  • Edge: .17mm@1mm, .32mm@2mm, .45mm@5mm, .66mm@10mm from the edge, measured at the midpoint,
Asking $425 U.S + shipping. As always, if this blade is purchased in conjunction with another I will happily deduct $25 off of the price of the other blade.

Thanks for looking!


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So the nickel turned black when you etched it? I thought it always stays silver and the carbon steels turn gray.
Exactly this:
I think that is just a play of light. The nickel line looks shiny to me so is reflecting more light and presenting as darker.
It's really the shiniest thing in the blade

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