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Why's everyone so feisty these days? I swear if we were all in a pub instead of online the last few days would've seen some fights break out. Always disagreements around here, but rarely have I seen so many truly bitter threads at once.

I was thinking the same thing.


I'm tellin' ya, it's the Maximum W T F button.

Hitohira T series are made by Takamura.

Follow link.


I wasn't trying to buy right now anyway.....

The DE razor rabbit hole is sucking on my earlobe, but I need to get ready for ARM.


Don't forget the brushes 😉

I went through the DE/SE phase. I just have my grandfather's Gillette, a Rockwell 6S and a 37C (my head shaving razor) now. Have a few Semogue brushes - boar and my favs are the boat/bager mixes.

Things that make you go hmmm...

Member joins in 2020. Makes one introductory post. Next post is over three years later selling a massdrop knife not labeled as a massdrop knife. 🤔

Yeah, but, did you let @coffeelover191919 know?

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