Special Dedicated knife type sales on different days on BST

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Jan 29, 2016
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I didn't know what to call this, or where to put it but here it goes.

What do you think about having dedicated/designated days for particular knife sales on BST. For example (and just for illustration):

Mondays: Gyutos 210 and above
Tuesdays: Nakiris
Wednesday: Honesuki's and butchery knives
Thursday: Rare and Unique knives
Friday: Cleavers
Saturday: Sujihiki's
Sunday: Customs

I'm not suggesting there be any limit on when people post their knives for sale, but It would be kind of cool to know that I can probably find a Nakiri every Wednesday or an interesting custom on Sundays.

Just an idea I was tossing about... I'm certainly not bound by the categories above.... Obviously Gyutos include such a broad category, even that could be broken down to size or different steels on different days...210 Mondays, Carbon Thusdays, Ginsan Fridays or whatever.....

This may be just a nuisance, but it might be kind of fun to know that on certain days I have a higher probability of seeing an interesting knife for sale of a particular type I'm looking for.
i think it sounds pointless and yet i also don't hate it. sounds kind of fun in a way.
I feel like we already do this. Its just the global time difference makes it seem random.
Sorry, but silly suggestions are only allowed on sundays. ;)
Based on the overwhelming support, we must implement immediately.