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interesting, thanks

I was curious about how the wide bevels / shinogi perform in harder veggies. I guess it's quite thin overall so the shinogi doesn't offer much resistance?
Because of the wide bevel, you can choose to use different areas of the knife for different tasks and materials. the impact of using the forward 1/3 of the knife results in laser city.
Overall my generally inexperienced opinion is that this knife is my best performer, although I do find myself reaching for the takamura sg2 more often than not day to day.

I didnt feel much resistance, and rather have been dealing with stickage more often than not
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Shindo tall nakiri has been neglected since I've been too obsessed with the newer 250s in the limited time I've been home lately. Grabbed a hefty carrot out of the fridge to just cut a bit for dog bowl and was shocked at how dead silent it just ghosted through it. Repeatedly! Had to stop and grab a pic of carrot size because I wasn't in ~knife testing~ mode. I know it isn't the biggest carrot in the world but a many a knife would bbbrrrraaaapppp something this size.


I'm still getting used to the amount of belly on it, and am surprised there is some since my little nakiri is only subtly curved. Really my only ding but technique change isn't hard.
Don't want to derail the thread too much, but where would Nobuyah Hayashi fit in with the Okubo and Toyama/Watanabe?
My Nobuyah 240 B2 felt by far the hardest of any steel I've put to stones. Quite a bit more so than my Toyama dammy and iron clad Watanabe

Bringing this over here. I haven't tried that steel. Is it chippy being that hard?
I have not had any chipping, but I am quite gentle on the board.
I kept the factory edge for a bit then did some very minor thinning to the front 2/3 of the blade. Noticably harder on the stones and the board compared to any steel I've tried. Not that the list is very long, but dude can make a knife, that's for damn sure

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